On Why Do People Do It In The Women's Room?

I'm not sure if it's apprehension so much as men's bathroom stall sometimes not having doors. I mean, they frequently have doors but the women's ALWAYS guarantee a door. It seems inconvenient to chance it by sneaking in to one bathroom as a couple, only to have to sneak into the other because of a lack of door.

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On Why Do People Do It In The Women's Room?

@antarctica starts here why does he seems surprised that lesbians would have sex in the women's room??

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Gawker is saying that Alexey Kouznetsov really did start the spam account but this guy bought it or something? Hmm...

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On Are Hugs Ruining Your Life? You're Not Alone

A coworker? It's never hug, what's wrong with America these days? Why would I ever want to be hugging my boss?

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On Men Share Opinions About Angelina Jolie's Preventative Double Mastectomy

@IBentMyWookie Obviously everyone with a defective gene shouldn't have a mastectomy, but she states her estimated risk was like 87%. That is pretty high. That's not just beans. She didn't get the more drastic and body-function altering oophorectomy for her 50% risk of ovarian cancer. This is what's available treatment-wise (to men and women) now when you get that news, it's certainly not slowing down actual cure research as much as the bloated charities and pinkification "save the boobies" bullshit that postures as the potential end of cancer and not a political PAC with a tax exemption.

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On Why Is Woman So Disliked?

I feel like discussions of the backlash against the backlash against Anne Hathaway really display a misunderstanding of how the "haters" feel about Anne Hathaway. There should be a large breathing room of space between the eye-rolling that some do when Anne Hathaway affects a humility that can't hide her theater kid over-eagerness and the vile, jealous vitriol that those people are accused of.
I feel like the split between people who do/don't appreciate her over eagerness is equal to the ratio of those who do/don't appreciate the method pretentiousness of a Day Lewis or a Christian Bale, it's just that there isn't a false ideal that men are unnecessarily envious and hateful to other men, nor a patriarchal belief that women should be protected from bad things because they are fragile, especially beautiful ones applying to men, so instead of just accepting that some people annoy each other we have to read thirty blog posts all over the internet about, "why are these catty bitches so jealous of poor Anne Hathaway?"

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On 'Newsweek' Takes Bold Stance Against Tumblr's Struggle for Profit

I made fun of that very mustache cursor once when I was complaining about the content of the Newsweek tumblr, and the Newsweek tumblr posted it to the Newsweek tumblr. And I received three anonymous messages of hate!

I guess I could put being the person who inspired the great Newsweek anti-abortion coat hanger cursor through mockery, but Newsweek.

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On When "Trigger Warning" Lost All Its Meaning

@jolie It's a pre-internet thing I think. At least it originates from the feminist movement and feminist blogs made it sort of blow up, but I don't know when it came about so maybe we had the internet. But it started as a warning for rape and abuse survivors that it was going to be specifically mentioned/described in writing, and then other things got trigger warnings like weight and calories talk for people with EDs (which I actually thought was a good idea) and then gross photos (okay?) and then reblogs posts by men's rights activists and tea partiers (what?) and has now evolved to something you throw at someone when they disagree with you in the social justice tumblr-sphere.

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