On The Terrible, Fascinating World Of Hate-Blogs

@cherrispryte Indeed! I feel like there can be a distinction made between hate blogs and blogs which are set up to criticize sites that don't allow criticism on their own pages- unfortunately, I think the latter ends up becoming the former after a while. A lot of the anti-Jezebel tumblrs seem to contain both criticism of the site itself interspered with attacks on the commenters, particularly attacking them for being too uptight and feminist. And of course, guess which posts are more popular...

I do admit that I follow some tumblrs that might be termed hate blogs- ones criticizing Dan Savage and Shakesville, for example. I never thought of them, or the Jezebel ones for that matter, as hate blogs, though. Their single-minded focus does seem creepy at times (such is the nature of Tumblr), but I think they can provide a valuable counterpoint to the groupthink that tends to happen around those influential people/site. That seems quite different from piling on Julia Allison becuase she's annoying.

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On When "Trigger Warning" Lost All Its Meaning

@jolie I wouldn't say it's woman-specific, as such, but this did originate in women's sites, espcially feminist spaces with a lot of discussion about rape and abuse.

I think that as it has profliferated and become increasingly ridiculous, it has become more a less gendered thing, especially in the nonsense-factory that is tumblr. But it is just more likely that women will know what trigger warning means/care about it/misuse it terribly.

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