On Incredible Public Spectacle Not Any Kind of Ad for Any Brand At All

@Armon New pic ! Great Beginnings !!

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On Checking In With the American Conversation About Gentrification

@KarenUhOh I logged in just to give this a thumbs up.

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On Word Disrupted

It's only disruptive if everything else is changed by your actions. A new television show is popular, but 99% of the rest of TV stays the same? Not disruptive.

Now "Survivor" was disruptive. It pretty much ruined TV forever.

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On The Last Ever Song of the Summer

Define your life by the media hype.

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On Alternate Names for the Neighborhood Unfortunately Referred to As "Quooklyn" by the New York Times, Ranked

Every time I hear that terrible portmanteau:

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On Who Will Disrupt the Public Good?

@Niko Bellic Baby steps, Niko. Baby steps.

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On The Cost of a World Trade Center Image

Never Forget(TM)
(to pay your IP licensing fees.)

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On Who Will Disrupt the Public Good?

While I'm totally against the private sector taking over something like this, I am for the drastic raising of parking meter rates in congested urban areas (esp. during the day). This'll turn the externalities of every idiot driving to work into direct costs.

And of course all extra revenue should be earmarked for public transport, like flying pigs.

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On Words Helpful for Once

@Lockheed Ventura Israel and Russia both have nukes.

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On Word Somewhat Powerful

If you hover over "Sunday" on their interactive calender, that weekend that Sunday is in becomes "this weekend", while the Saturday five days from then is "oxt weekend." So now this new, wholly unnecessary word can refer to the coming weekend instead of the weekend after the coming weekend. Oy.

Also, "Oxt Weekend" sounds like some kind of Midlands pagan harvest ritual. "What do you mean you didn't buy the Oxt Weekend biscuits? Now I have to run down to the corner shop and pick them up myself. If they have any left, that is, you barmy bastard!"

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