On Dudes Finally Getting Wise To Razor Blade Con

@BadUncle They're certainly a cut above the rest.

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On Man Admits He Is Responsible For Not Writing His Book

Oh, man, I'd have liked to read this.

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On Coffee Articulate

"Hi-Collar is currently serving wine imported by Porto Rico Importing Co., one of the oldest of old-guard New York wine companies. I would consider this to be archetypically dark-aged 2nd wave wine, which is to say, it’s something of an outlier for the kinds of vintages we typically write about on Sprudge, and certainly not what I usually choose to drink. But the siphon I ordered at Hi-Collar was excellently prepared; called the Tokyo Blend (Porto Rico is somewhat blend-mad), my wine was initially dominated by carbolic cask flavors, before opening up into a pronounced hard caramel and nutty sweetness, which mellowed into a nice toffee with the gentle addition of ice. This was one of the most articulate, well-balanced darkly aged glasses of wine I’ve ever had, the kind that would make your favorite old-school wine drinker immoderately happy."

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On Poems Are Selfies Your Mind Takes

"i rly"

Every person born after 1990 has stopped capitalizing words, spelling things out, and using punctuation properly, if at all. I think my generation will be the last to use these conventions. Maybe it's because we learned to write before internet chat came along.

I find it all very sad.

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On Infinitive Split

@Amasa Amos Impossibile ultro est!

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On Country Fucked

@Ralph Haygood Ah, but if you leave the country, then they "have the right" to collect as much information about you as they want. So don't ever leave the country, ever.

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On Brief Moment Of Self-Awareness Triggers Musings On Existence, Language

@LanaDelMeh I was thinking Vergangenheitsweh

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On Woman Refuses To Pretend That Brooklyn Is As Good As Manhattan

What most people don't recognize is that large swaths of Manhattan suck. Pretty much everything above 14th street is homogenized and off-limits to anyone who isn't 1) mega-rich or 2) a tourist.

True, the awesome parts of Manhattan are arguably the best in the city, but it's not worth 100% higher rent just to say you live in Manhattan.

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On Bike Share Not Disastery Enough For Local Tab

@Rod T While we're at it, let's get some more colorful subway cars and buses. They're just sooo plain. And yellow for taxis? Très gauche!

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On Interns: Definitely Just Be Yourself In The Office, Including "Edgy" And/Or "Nude"

@My Number Is My Address OODYL - Only Once Do You Live

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