By Zachtastic on The Sad Parents of #Gamergate

This is like waking up in the middle of a play.

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By petejayhawk on Middleman Removed

"webtrepreneur" *punches monitor*
"webtrepreneur" *punches monitor*
"webtrepreneur" *punches monitor*

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By camelface on August Never Ends

I too have read Ben Lerner.

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By riotnrrd on When a Man Grabs You on the Subway and Tries to Drag You Down a Flight of Stairs

@sigerson Oh, for fuck's sake.

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By dinosaur_senior on Fall Preview

All is not lost. I've seen an all too rare alt-text today.

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By GingerAle on When a Man Grabs You on the Subway and Tries to Drag You Down a Flight of Stairs

This is made so much worse by the fact that it was on the stairs. If he had done this on flat ground - excessive and scary, but not insanely so. But on STAIRS? If he had miscalculated at all and pulled a bit too hard, he could have ended up not just injuring Nozlee but maybe even several people. Really, guy? Is letting a woman known that she "pushed" you worth causing a dangerous pile-up on the stairs? I understand why Nozlee was so rattled.

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By Clarence Rosario on Say What You Mean, New York Post

I imagine the catcall stretches back to ancient construction times, when the Israelites were building the pyramids, with scores of single Jewish women hiking up their loincloths, hoping for a little attention.

This is some next-level trolling. Bravo.

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By 7261292@twitter on Content Distributed

After reading this article, I want to commit suicide, or at least never use a computer again. Where does that fit into the spectrum of reader engagement?

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By Niko Bellic on Let Slip the Tweets of War

So what is it that makes them "terrorists"? Can we pin point that? Sure they are murderous fucks. But did we call Viet Cong terrorists? Nope. How about The Zetas? Nah. All those evil Balkan warlords tried in Hague? Ne. But these guys... oh, yeah. See, it's because they are Muslim Arabs. No brainer: they are definitely terrorists.

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By KarenUhOh on Checking In With the American Conversation About Gentrification

Don't taste me, Bro.

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