On How Three People Survive Living In The Middle Of Nowhere

@travelmugs You've got it pretty right -- I'm aiming for anonymous-ish. Keeping my real name and the name of my town out of the blog makes it effectively un-Googleable, and that's really what I'm going for. That affords me the ability to speak freely, without having to discuss each post with family members while also being able to vent when I need to (albeit delicately, and never directed at an individual). For those who can figure out where I am, great! I'd love an email to chat-- if you know where I am, you've probably been there or nearby!

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On How Three People Survive Living In The Middle Of Nowhere

@Jeremy Mesiano-Crookston -- Thanks for taking the time to comment! I think @mxel has is pretty right. I visited here before I moved and I still couldn't have predicted some of the daily realities. I've also found that some of those realities are quite nice. I feel as though I've included a fair bit about that in the blog but I'll take your feedback and tell more about in my next post about some of the good things-- like spring, which has finally arrived!

And of course, the purpose of moving here was to accept an opportunity that people like me (and there's a lot of backstory there) don't often get-- to buy a business, to build something together with my husband. The retiring in the tropics part is a healthy dream, especially to get me through the long winter!

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