On Jacob And His Mother Are Wanted In Court

"The state of California gives incentive bonuses to private foster care agencies if they reunify children with their biological parents."
JEEZUS. There are so many opportunities for that to be problematic.

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On Meet Some Of The Children Who Died In Los Angeles Because The City's Child Protection System Is Broken

I start training to be a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) here in Los Angeles County next week. The CASA organization works with children in the foster system to get them housed suitably and permanently. There are over 28,000 children in the foster care system in LA County.
I can only hope that I am able to keep someone's name off of a list like this.

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On Ask Polly: I'm Almost 30 And I'm Terrified Of Losing My Looks

LW#1- Amanda Bynes?

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On Is San Francisco The Brooklyn To Silicon Valley's Unbuilt Manhattan?

@Techno Viking Martian Lander - you have described precisely why, having lived in SF for 11 years, I happily call LA home now. An endless sea of overgrown children, wearing what amounts to pajamas, obsessing over fancy food and forever chasing the next round of VC cash makes it a dull, dull place.
Los Angeles is horrible and grotesque in some places, but it's also beautiful and weird. It's a proper city.

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On The Coming Real Estate Disaster for White-People Brooklyn

wow-there's so much barely contained anger out there in the BK, huh? also, I smell just a bit of homophobia. just enough to grossed out.

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