On Space Invaders

Bring your own air or a gas mask.

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On Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

@Lyone Sami Fein@facebook

Yes, and doing it as a corporate goal. Just like Walmart does, consciously.

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On The Borowitz Problem

I think it is Andy's success that bothers Herman.

Herman is overthinking Borowitz, and is trying to sound sooo sophisticated and web savvy.

Ooooh, some fools think it's really a news article? How awful! If they're that uninformed they deserve to be fooled, and treated like fools.

Personally, I'm glad Andy's successful cause he's funny as hell, and, for all the reasons Herman doesn't like. He's a nice guy also (from what I can tell).

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On Some Notes on the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs' Video Calling For “Mutual Respect” in Upcoming Nuclear Talks


So Iran threatens the entire world?

Get serious, please.

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On Some Notes on the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs' Video Calling For “Mutual Respect” in Upcoming Nuclear Talks

I am not an Iranian, nor a Muslim. I'm just an American who believes in knowing our true history, rather than swallowing the BS handed down by - all - of our "leaders" and politicians throught our history.

The average American doesn't know that, in 1953, the United States and the British engineered a coup in Iran, overthrowing a democratically elected government and installed a brutally repressive regime (the Shah) that ruled for decades.

Iranians, on the other hand, are very aware of those major events of their recent history. This explains why, to this day, many Iranians are gravely suspicious of American intentions. It also helps explain the 1979 takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, an event that most Americans think was caused by religious hatred.

The reason for the 1953 intervention in Iran was to benefit American and British oil companies – nothing else. (Bush/Cheney's invasion of Iraq comes to mind.)

Check out the wikipedia entry here:

It starts with:
Mohammad Mosaddegh was the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran from 1951 until 1953, when his government was overthrown in a coup d'état orchestrated by the British MI6 and the American CIA

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On A Glass Half-Full of Billions of Dollars

"But things can only get better, because they actually cannot get any worse"

My friends told me to cheer up, things could be worse. So I cheered up, and sure enough, things got worse.

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On Reading Assigned

Coates (his followers call him TNC) is an amazing person.

I am a white liberal who thought I knew something about race in America, but TNC regularly opens my eyes to aspects of the issue I never knew about. He has a way of saying things that makes you think about familiar issues in entirely new ways.

I've been visiting his blog daily for several years. He is an active participant in the conversation, and says he learns a lot from the commenters. Not as much as we learn, I bet.

The people who comment are an unusually well read and thoughtful bunch - hard to find in most comment sections. Many are professors, and teachers of all kinds - others are just folks - like me.

Every visit is a treat. I highly recommend a daily visit.

He also has a book that was very well received.

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On The Glorious End Of Cereal

Oatmeal for life

(the comic, not the the starch paste)

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On How To Cook A Fucking Steak

I read this - including all the "fucks" in Esquire and on their web site a long time ago and I believe it is still there.

Still, it's a great way to cook a fucking steak.

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On The Rise of Fake Good Coffee

Honestly, there is so much BS about coffee that I had to comment.

First and foremost Starbucks is a bad joke foisted on the gullible and the wannabe. It is burnt tasting swill - even the expert tasters at Consumer Reports said so (long after I came to that conclusion on my own). But is soooo coool that to say it brands you as soooo uncooool.

I forget where I saw these, and wish I had written them myself. They sum up the Starbucks nonsense perfectly:
Whenever I go in there to buy a simple cup of coffee, they expect me to participate in the “Starbucks Experience”. And if I order my coffee “wrong”, I get corrected by some minimum-wage-twit who couldn’t articulate their way home.

They don’t sell their coffees in Small, Medium or Large. NOOOOO! They have some pretentious bullshit names like Tall (which is small), Grande and Venti. WTF? Venti is not even a word – it is a Starbucks word – look closely at the menu, they have the word Venti trademarked! They made up the fucking word! And then they train their staff to not respond to normal words like, “I would like a small cup of coffee.”

They ask me, “You mean a Tall?”

Let me see – I’m looking at three cups: a short one, a medium one and a tall one. I don’t want the tall one, I didn't bring that much money – I want the short fucker! Read my fucking lips: IT IS NOT TALL, IT IS SHORT! Goddamn – no wonder the poor bastards who work at Starbucks are dyslexic.

I can see it now – guys, let’s use the Starbucks method for sizing up our cocks. Here, some poor guy has the shortest one, but we will call it the Long cock. Then someone with a medium-sized cock is now Mondo and the guy with the big honker gets to call it Bando.

That's right - Bando. I made up that word and you have to use it or I will ignore you. And every woman/man can take pleasure in knowing that her/his man is at least Long.

And what is with these other Starbucks code words, like “With Room” or “Extra Shot”? How fucking pretentious is that? I even notice Starbucks Snobs in line practicing their order so they can whiz through all the special vernacular so, are you ready for this, they can order a cup of coffee.

and then there is this true story

Starbucks Booted Me Over A Bagel
By John Doyle, Rebecca Rosenberg and Annie Karni
New York Post - August 16, 2010

Starbucks' strange vernacular finally drove a customer nuts.

Lynne Rosenthal, a college English professor from Manhattan, said three cops forcibly ejected her from an Upper West Side Starbucks yesterday morning after she got into a dispute with a counterperson -- make that barista -- for refusing to place her order by the coffee chain's rules.

Rosenthal, who is in her early 60s, asked for a toasted multigrain bagel -- and became enraged when the barista at the franchise, on Columbus Avenue at 86th Street, followed up by inquiring, "Do you want butter or cheese?"

"I just wanted a multigrain bagel," Rosenthal told The Post. "I refused to say 'without butter or cheese.' When you go to Burger King, you don't have to list the six things you don't want.

"Linguistically, it's stupid, and I'm a stickler for correct English." Rosenthal admitted she had run into trouble before for refusing to employ the chain's stilted lexicon -- balking at ordering a "tall" or a "venti" from the menu or specifying "no whip." Instead, she insists on making a pest of herself by ordering a "small" or "large" cup of joe.

Yesterday's breakfast-bagel tussle heated up when the barista told the prickly prof that he wouldn't serve her unless she specified whether she wanted a schmear of butter or cheese -- or neither.

"I yelled, 'I want my multigrain bagel!' " Rosenthal said. "The barista said, 'You're not going to get anything unless you say butter or cheese!' "

But Rosenthal, on principle, refused to back down.

"I didn't even want the bagel anymore," she said. The bagel brouhaha escalated until the manager called cops, and responding officers ordered her to leave, threatening to arrest her if she went back inside, she said.

"It was very humiliating to be thrown out, and all I did was ask for a bagel," recalled Rosenthal, who said she holds a Ph.D. from Columbia. "If you don't use their language, they refuse to serve you. They don't understand what a plain multigrain bagel is."

A Starbucks employee who witnessed the incident blamed Rosenthal. "She would not answer. It was a reasonable question," the worker said. "She called [the barista] an a- -hole."

An NYPD spokesman confirmed that officers were called to the coffee shop but said he was unaware of anyone being tossed out.
It's time to grow up and stop the BS. Drink what you like and stfu.

By the way, I like my coffee very strong - just not tasting like coal.

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