On How Much More Does Crossing The Holland Tunnel Cost Today?

The mid-tunnel "New York | New Jersey" dividing line that is embedded into the tile was always a favorite of my father's to keep us quiet in the car. He'd make it a contest to see who could spy it first. Now I realize it was a way to keep us entertained and quiet in the days before you could get a radio signal in the tunnel.

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On How Much More Does Crossing The Holland Tunnel Cost Today?

For years I always thought the roadway read "LANE IN STAY". In order to read the entire phrase, you need to see the roadbed at least three cars in front if you, and with all the traffic, this is an infrequent occurrence.

The only thing I love about the Lincoln Tunnel are the Flash-Gordon inspired escape pods for the mid-tunnel traffic monitors. They're steel enclosed single person cars which ride along the elevated side walkways and are intended to get the person who sits in the traffic booth out of the tunnel in a hurry if there is a fire. I used to see them in action all the time in the mid-90s as employees used them for shift changes instead of walking the route. I have no idea if they're still in use as I now avoid the Lincoln as much as possible. I'd assume that all the employees have been replaced by cameras but I have spied some people in the booths yet every now and again.

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On Why Does Verizon Hate America?

Here's my conundrum. (I know, it's all about "me, me, me".)

I've agreed to move my business within my building. Without Verizon, I can't move out or into the new space, I'm stuck. Luckily for me, the landlord is being patient (so far). But for everyone facing a move right now, it's hell. You can't get old service shut off or get on a waiting list for new service (the call centers hang up on you). If your contracted to move by a set date, you risk defaulting on your old lease and losing your deposits. Any way you slice it, it's hurting small businesses more than it's hurting Verizon corporate.

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On Drinks That You Should be Ashamed to Order in Public

The Cosmo needs to be WAY higher on the list. The Cosmo announces to the bar that:
- you are stuck in 1998
- rot-gut vodka is fine as long as it's mixed with concentrated sugar and served in a pretty glass
- you are probably fighting off a yeast infection

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