On Elements of Trolldom: Katie Roiphe and Pico Iyer

Oh Grow up,Choire. You're the only troll here. The article was extremely relevant per our current cultural. All these attacks are ad hominem. I've been a Pro Dominatrix in NYC for years and I'll tell you that Katie Rophie is spot on in her article. Many of my Pro male Dom friends report that 90% of their clients are career women- late 20's to 50's. Hence, Katie's Demo G. is correct. Most submissives are indeed upper middle class to upper class working men and women who want a break from being in control in the workplace and thus feel liberated when they hand the control over to someone else for awhile- get it?. It's a Yin Yang. Believe me- I'm privy to the huge thriving underground S&M in NYC and globally - as everyone in "the scene" trades information. People outside the S&M scene have NO idea how many husbands, bosses, high power career women secretly see Doms and or attend S&M play parties. Again, Katie is spot on in her analysis. I think people would rather attack Katie than admit they are part of something new happening in our current cultural climate. S&M hitting the mainstream. S&M is a huge umbrella that covers someone's BF slapping them on their arse during sex to calling them a "bad girl". Everyone does it in various form from light to heavy play. Thus, I do think it makes people uncomfortable because it is close to their lives, not remote from them...it makes people think about their own relationships, their own boredoms, their own desires, etc., in a way they would prefer not to.
If you are so offended, Choire, by the growing trend of so many women(mostly career women) wanting male dominance, BDSM role play..that's your problem. Stick to reporting about what you know Choire. Katie obviously did her underground research and trust me as a expect on the demo g. for S&M with years of experience in the global S&M scene - Katie is right whether you "like it" or not. Just don't shoot the messenger.

Posted on April 19, 2012 at 12:13 pm 0