On Amazon Holds Polite and Productive Meetings With Publishers

If you have Prime, then you might only be willing to buy on Amazon because of the free shipping.

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On Hollywood, Stop Botching Your Third Movies

Any thoughts on the Bourne films? Seems to be one of the best examples of makin three taut films despite director changes, not initially having a multi-movie plot lined up and abandoning the source material without losing your way.

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On The Smashing Pumpkins, 1991-2000, In Order

Nice to see "Tear" so high. And a part of me (probably the age 11-12 version when it came out) wants to say, "But no! Mellon Collie IS the greatest album ever!"

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On Slate Takes a Crap on Your Monday Morning

@happymisanthrope But grapefruit spoons don't exist(!!), the author says, because she apparently has no access to Google: https://www.google.com/search?q=Grapefruit+spoon

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On Even Romney's Tan Inauthentic

I have a friend who's done some Romney trail coverage, and Buzzfeed's reporters have come off as the black sheep of the press corps (and the Romney folks not really sure who the hell they are). You'd think that'd mean they were doing real reporting, but alas, not so much.

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On Man Storms Off Internet: Goodbye, Chris Jones!

Funny thing is that he sometimes almost realizes that he's universalizing. From May 2011, in the introduction to his Drew Magary (Deadspin again!) conversation (http://sonofboldventure.blogspot.ca/2011/05/five-for-writing-drew-magary.html)

"I like to think writing is IMPORTANT, because it’s what I do. But maybe, when you strip it right down to its most basic elements, it’s just putting words in an entertaining order in exchange for money. Reading this made me wonder whether I’ve been squeezing the bat a little too hard lately."

Of course, even then, he's really just universalizing himself. I've liked some of his writing, but I feel he's been heading to this conclusion ever more rapidly -- or maybe I just wasn't paying attention.
For the record, I thought his Caro profile and the Times Magazine's were, overall, each fine, each in the tone for which they are known.

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