On Your Street Probably Smells Like Semen Right Now—But It Might Not Next Spring

@emberglance I find that Carob trees, which are popular in my town, have a semen-smell phase.

Posted on April 11, 2013 at 4:37 pm 0

On What Your Gap Fragrance Said About You

@Emily Weiss@twitter I don't even remember any of these except that grapefruit-y Pink.

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On Express' Crazy 90s Guide To "Street Slang"

More than half of these words are still in use among my friends. Wow. but the rest are hilarious.

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On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

@hockeymom Ahh!! I just bought that at a used book shop and devoured it! (Coffee, Tea, etc.) So crazy! So squeamishly awkward! (I am a millennial, and would never be able to blend in as a sixties time traveler without committing assault.) And those illustrations at the start of every chapter.... <3

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