On David Mamet, Fairy Godmother

@Gene I don't think there's any participle at all, but not going to say until I know what the shot is.

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On Mitt Romney's Shocking Secret: I Was a Teen Illiterate!

Wondering if all those hyphens are necessary in "17-years-old." Not a copy editor, here, but my dad was and he was hell on nonsensical hyphens, especially in posts about how Romney as a kid don't write so good.

I've learned to tune into the Awl late in the day and scroll back to the morning posts when Choire seems to get out of bed thinking serious thoughts about journalism and his business, but everyone ignores those posts and we get on to the day's work, which to be gentle about it seems to be thinking up cute things to say about minor irritants. Don't want to complain, but things around here seem to have gotten, I don't know, maybe facile if that's a right word.

Which, I want to express appreciation for the morning Choire serious journalism business stuff, while pointing out that this goddamn illiterate and illogical salting with hyphens, jeez you got to watch that.

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On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

This is the most unutterably sad Awl discussion thread ever. All these poor little goobers who liked Ayn Rand and still seem sort of disoriented trying to explain it to themselves and to the internets. And all these people who thought they liked On the Road but then never had a chance to go anywhere near the road because it wasn't there any more, or something. It practically makes an old man cry, Jesus H. Christ [smiling through tears here] carry on, you poor wimpy fucked-over children!

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