On How Much More Do Bridesmaid Dresses Cost Today?

@vunder None of my close friends are married yet, so I haven't had to think about it. But the whole concept of picking bridesmaids and then making them PAY FOR dresses that YOU choose is just beyond me. I will probably never in my life spend $200 on a dress (borrowed my prom dress), and definitely not on one of someone else's choosing. Maybe not a big deal if you're not perpetually broke, but I am. If you want a big fancy wedding with fancy matching bridesmaids' dresses, you foot the bill. I'm going to the courthouse when my time comes.

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On Not That You Need An Excuse To Drink Bourbon, But Today Is Bourbon Day

@NotAndersonCooper YES. You get all the cooling power without the dilution.

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On Aliens Put Off Russian Invasion Because Of Allergies

I think I would prefer alien clouds. An alien invasion would be less painful to my sinuses.

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On My Conversation With A Wells Fargo Fraud Specialist

@brilliantmistake When mine got hacked, they bought all kinds of weird mail-order shit (and some monthly subscriptions, which were HELL to get rid of), but had it all delivered to my address. In my name. Including flowers. I'm not sure if they were just really dumb, or if they were trying to teach me a lesson about making my wireless more secure...

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On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

@werewolfbarmitzvah I feel pretty OK about my reading choices too - at least, the ones I loved. If we were talking about past musical tastes, though, I would have much to say.

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On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

@harriet welch Oh, me too. I never made it to Finnegan's Wake (I have it, I just never started it), but I was a pretentious ass about Ulysses. Which, I actually do like Joyce and parts of Ulysses, but I read it just to say I had read it.

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On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

@Nabonwe Were you my high school best friend? We were OBSESSED with the book, as were our dual US History and junior English teachers (it's the south). Now I can say, OK, I've evolved, but how in the hell did my TEACHERS still idolize that book? Agh!

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On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

@antarcticastartshere Michael Crichton, Robin Cook, all those crappy medical mysteries. At one point I wanted to be an epidemiologist, mostly because no one else knew what it was. I was insufferable!

(Aside: I'm about to start my PhD to be an epidemiologist, but not because it sounds cool.)

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