On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

@che I feel like most people read it to say that they read it.

I also have the sneaking suspicion that everyone who read Finnegan's Wake and "understood" it is faking it, but they know that they can get away with it because no one else really understands it either.

Also, maybe Joyce wrote EVERYTHING as a giant whiskey fueled hoax on academic pseudo-intellectuals of the world.

Or...I need to feel this way in order to feel like I am smarter than I am.

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On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

How?! How have I been missing this disturbing bit forever? How does everyone know about this but me? Does everyone sit around googling "Gross shit James Joyce wrote to his wife?". How does this work? Where do you learn this?
College. It has to be college.

Clearly my education spent learning to fingerpaint and shit has kept me ignorant of the Joyce's bedroom antics.

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On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

@deepomega Oh God. I had no idea what you were talking about...
That can never be un-googled.

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On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

I used to pride myself on my dumb ass, pretentious literary tastes.

Then I tried to read Finnegan's Wake. I gave up and realized how fucking ridiculous it was to be reading for "pleasure" and being tormented by teeth-pulling, mind-numbing pseudo-intellectual crap. (If you can read and enjoy Joyce I'm sure it's not crap to you and you are a billion times smarter than me and you should enjoy that fact and I will just wish I were that smart)
So, I still admit that I love The Perks of Being a Wallflower, old Stephen King, historical fiction and foreign parenting books (I don't even have kids). I would rather happily read crap, admit it's crap and enjoy crap than read Joyce.

"Why don't you write books people can read?"- Nora Joyce (wife of James Joyce)

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On Paying Back Your Friends: A Conversation

There is hope!! I am a former Logan transformed into a (not quite) Mike.

I would love to tell you that there was some kind of secret trick that I could share with you guys.

Nope. I got married and figured out that my husband and I could carefully live on just his money so I didn't have to work while I finished school. Now I budget for everything hardcore and pick up side work and save (whhhhhaaaat??!!!!) and pay of debt (whaaaat?!).

Other than that, I find that envelopes and drinking at home help.

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