On 'Atlas Shrugged': Who Is John Galt's Chiropractor?

@robotosaur Me too! Except I read The Fountainhead in one night and wrote the essay in the morning. I have no idea what the heck I wrote... and I would be scared to read it.

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On How To Make Perfect Risotto

@barnhouse Even better - use a fuzzy logic rice cooker. No stirring necessary. Really the excessive stirring thing is largely a myth. Also, definitely, definitely put wine in your risotto. And throw your truffle oil in the trash.

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On 'Strangeways, Here We Come' At 25

@Clarence Rosario I think everyone our age has thought "How Soon is Now?" was their best single at some point. Excellent teenage driving song.

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On Book Gay

I do not understand what this sentence's purpose is:

If you have no feeling for “Mildred Pierce,” you might react to this information by screaming a few of the minimalist lyrics to the 1990 Sonic Youth song named after the film. (“Mildred Pierce!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!”)

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On Balsamic Vinegar Is So Lame These Days

No one's going to touch on the fact that 99% of what you'll find labeled as balsamic vinegar is not true balsamic in the first place? You can actually enjoy sipping on a (small) glass of the real stuff.

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On Killer Diaresis Keeps New Yorker Editors Living In Fear

I've bitched about it on several occasions. Not only is it unnecessary, it actually takes me out of a story. I have to pause for a second and say "Why is there a random umlaut here? Oh," every damn time I see them. I also hate italicized "foreign" words.

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On The Search For The Oldest Living Thing In New York

@Urbania He's also dead.

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On Birds, From Worst To Best

I mean, I was on a Stephen Fry documentary being kind of naughty. You can't get any cooler.


I also smell like the inside of an antique violin case.

The curlew? Please.

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On Birds, From Worst To Best

Pardon me, but it appears that a mistake has been made.

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On Ana Lola Roman, "Decode"

Hmmm... the two tracks I know are unaltered songs from the late eighties. The third one may be new music, though.

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