On What Was The First Thing You Shoplifted?

commenting purely because of the photo - my mom taught me when i was little that those things full of candy were free. i was so confused when i eventually got yelled at in shoprite.

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On Science Finally Resolves The 'When Harry Met Sally' Conundrum

This question is silly because people are individuals and stuff.

That said, I'm a girl and my roommate is a dude who I've known for a long time. Recently I described a male friend I've lost contact with who I was still sad about, and said we'd always flirted awkwardly and it eventually ended because I drunkenly said something stupid that made it clear it was never going to happen. And my roommate was like, "oh, so you were leading him on, you bitch?" and I was like "No, I never meant to flirt with him, I just really like him as a person and it was always awkward that I wanted to be his friend so badly, I came on that way and always tried to stop it." And my roommate was like, "what?" And I was like, "You know when you're friends with a girl who you have no attraction to in the slightest, but she's awesome and you just want to hang out with her more than you do?" And he was like, "...no." And then I thought about this silly age-old quasi-debate.

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On "Don't Even Brush Your Teeth": 91 Hangover Cures From 1961

Weed. Weed forever.

I swear I'm going to try and get a medical card to deal with my alcoholism.

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On All The Presidents’ Menus

i feel like i could only hang with bams and nix-dads

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On All The Presidents’ Menus

obama's really into nuts, huh? get it? (elbow jab)

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On Bad News Brenda

it's funny the effect regional proximity has on adolescence. i grew up in new jersey, and no one was really religious in a way anyone took seriously, but lord we had our sluts and drugs. and yet, those friends had the same effect on me you're describing. brief relationships, girls that loved me for what i'd let them get away with and what their moms would think of them for me, me just trying to hide my awkward interest in movies on HBO/lack of a fun family/old man humor/secret fear of sex with the company of someone who was cooler than me. i always felt so strange about those friendships when they ended, like we had broken up or something. like we had been more than we were - even though any involvement in the formative years of a person's life is much bigger than either of us realized.

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On Things Chris Jones Wished Women Treated His Semen Like

@itiresias ...and I guess, on that note, Gold.

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On Things Chris Jones Wished Women Treated His Semen Like

3 and 2 are gold.

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On Earl Scruggs, 1924-2012

I saw him play at the Newport Folk Festival last summer. He had a full band made up mostly of family members, he needed a lot of help walking on and off the stage, he sat for the performance on a chair and barely seemed conscious. And he was AMAZING, I was so impressed by the music that was coming out of this man and the courage he had to be doing it in front of so many people in his state.

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