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On What A Pack Of Cigarettes Costs Now, State By State

$14 is more than almost anywhere in NYC charges . Upstate $9.50 would be considered high cross the board.

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On Kanye West And His "Thirty White Bitches"

@Kellynsatx Why did some Jews pretend to be Nazis during world war two? Same shit.

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On How Much More Do Things Cost Today: The Super Bowl Edition

@scrooge Compound interest bro.

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On Will You Quit Riding the Subway When It Costs $18? (No.)

Inflation yo.

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On 3 Tired TV Tropes & 3 Shows That Toppled Them

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

"The Drug Addict is a therapist who can drink a bottle of Cabernet in one sitting." Are you fucking kidding me? A whole BOTTLE of wine! This is amateur hour in far too many dimensions. You all suck.

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On The Two Brooklyn Neighborhoods That Got White Almost Overnight

The list this guy made uses some pretty shitty methodology. Even ignoring that fact that he uses race as opposed to income, a lot of these zip codes like 11206 is Brooklyn and the zip codes in Portland and and Texas are the result of population increases due to new housing stock as opposed to displacement. He also uses subtraction get his percentage increases rather than division. As a result a place going from 5% to 35% looks as significant as a place going from 40% to 70% even though the first case is much more dramatic.

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On The Two Brooklyn Neighborhoods That Got White Almost Overnight

I prefer Morgantown as a name for the area east of Bushwick Ave between Montrose and Flushing.

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On Birds, From Worst To Best

No ducks!!!!!

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On Phrases Memorable

Alex, you had me at hello.

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