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On Drinking While Pregnant

It's interesting how people are so passionate about anything a woman could do to potentially fuck up her child while in the womb, but it's much more taboo to discuss the myriad more obvious and visible ways that parents and society fuck children up once they've been born. It's almost like, dealing with that problem seems too impossible and overwhelming, so instead we project all that angst onto pregnant women because it's simpler and easier than seeing the bigger picture.

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On Drinking While Pregnant

@nomorecheese LOL at this hilariously uninformed point. Your fierce confidence in your position totally makes up for your complete lack of knowledge about this nontoxic plant that has been used medically for thousands of years oh wait not at all.

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On Drinking While Pregnant

@litothela There are multiple studies in addition to the plethora of anecdotal evidence. A Google search will turn up plenty of information on both sides of the debate, but the pro-cannabis side has the vast majority of actual scientific evidence. (Incidentally, not to pick a fight but I would think a real scientist brain would be a little more aware of the reality of medical cannabis research and less influenced by all the stigmatizing propaganda.)

I don't have a doubt in my mind that occasional use via vaporizer would be beneficial to both a pregnant woman and her baby. My only concern would be that the infant could be drug tested at the hospital and removed by CPS, which seems to be happening with increasing frequency these days.

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On Drinking While Pregnant

I wish we could have this conversation about using cannabis while pregnant, because I am terrified of dealing with morning sickness and other physical discomfort without the thing that always helps me cope with nausea/pain/discomfort and I have read many anonymous anecdotes about it being harmless/beneficial, but even though I have no plans to get pregnant within the next several years, I am preemptively afraid that the government will come and take my hypothetical babies away just for even thinking about it.

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On It's the Solstice, a Day of Magic (and Back Sweat)!

Today is also my birthday, which is probably why I have magical powers. And it's a perfectly beautiful day here in San Francisco. I should probably go do some kind of ritual in Dolores Park or something.

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On The Wood-Fired Oven Of The Vanities

After living in San Francisco for the past 4+ years, I have gotten so spoiled that I can't imagine ever moving outside of California. (Well, unless I learned enough French to move to Provence.) But yeah, sorry friends and family in NY/NJ, my love for you will never be enough to pull me away from California's weed and strawberries. All I can do is campaign for everyone I care about to move here.

P.S. If you are ever driving along the coast between SF and LA, make a reservation at the Cass House Inn in Cayucos for a classic California fine dining experience.

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On Sidebangs Not Responsible For Lazy Eye

I grew out my side-swept bangs because I really did feel strongly that they were exasperating my already slightly lazy eye. It was like my eye was turning closer to my nose to try to look around the bangs.

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On I Have Thoughts About Commenting Systems!

NO FACEBOOK, please.

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On What It Cost Eight Women Writers To Make It In New York

I think my dad had a little under $200 saved up when he took a Greyhound bus to NYC in the late 70s, hoping to become an actor. He slept in Washington Square Park at first; one night a bum slashed him with a knife while he was sleeping. He got a job as a soda jerk at Howard Johnson's in Times Square, and when he finally had enough money for an apartment, his homeless friends from the park gave him a set of stolen Howard Johnson's silverware for a housewarming present.

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On Liberal Organization Has Liberal Agenda!

I have a friend who writes for Media Matters and I feel so bad for him all the time.

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