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By Mark Waller@twitter on What Made "The O.C." Great, Bitch

The OC is great, but SEASON 4, Y'ALL! So good and probably the best season of the series as a whole. It did not lose its heart.

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By Elisabeth on What Made "The O.C." Great, Bitch

Gotta be this guy in this case: ladies, Gilmore Girls, with the character of Rory's best friend, drummer Lane Kim and her boyfriend Dave Rygalski, played by a young Adam Brody, was doing "indie rock on teen TV" quite well, referencing stuff like Belle and Sebastian and whatnot before the O.C. took away Brody and totally mainstreamed it. (And left Lane ALONE, forced to marry Zack. SIGH.) I would also argue that Dave Rgyalski or whatever his name was was the first time the "indie rocker" had been nailed as an archetype. This is obviously the most indie comment in the WORLD.

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By robxerox on How Do You Like Barack Obama Now? A Conversation

He's the fucking president. Couldn't he use his bully pulpit to NOT be totally full of shit? Speak out against torture maybe? How can you people like him?

Posted on August 8, 2012 at 4:45 pm 3

By Sean Lai on How Do You Like Barack Obama Now? A Conversation

Great conversation - and I'd like to echo the sentiment that it seems odd to talk about how "likable" a person is who I've never met, even though it seems like that's what will probably give Obama a big boost come election time. Like, how do we know Obama is as cool as he seems? Maybe in secret, he's as shifty as Nixon.

On a more serious note, I also want to push back a little on the idea that there wasn't much Obama could do as President. For many things, that's obviously and totally true: see, e.g., trying to get any legislation passed, ever. But there are many things that are exclusively in the President's wheelhouse - like the OLC's stance on executive power, quasi-war operations around the world, drone strikes in Af-Pak, and indefinite detention - that Obama could theoretically change. Of course, he might not have the political capital to make those changes, or might not care about them because the American people don't seem to care, which are much deeper problems in the U.S. political system that possibly have no solution.

I guess I'm torn between knowing that he had the legal power to unilaterally change some of these things and wanting to hold him to account for that, and knowing that anyone who could win the Presidency is a mainstream-enough figure that s/he wouldn't do something like 'not kill people with flying death robots' unless a large mass of voters made clear that's what they wanted.

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By shannowhamo on Drinking While Pregnant

@mathnet I get what you're saying, that drinking seemed to cause her mild stress because of the extreme preaching against it here in the U.S. But not actually because she didn't enjoy those drinks or because she had any real fear that something would happen, she weighed the (seemingly minor) risks and rewards and took the chance. But for some reason guilt is just inevitable because people feel entitled to judge other people's children-realted decisions. The way you originially made your point seemed judgey because no one actually meant that an alive, fucked up baby would be a fine outcome from drinking nor is that what the research indicates is likely.

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By vendetta73 on Drinking While Pregnant

@hershmire It's a little more like a party in which you refuse a drink and then proceed to tell everyone who has a drink in their hand that they're taking "unnecessary risks" despite the absence of any objective evidence that your course of action is any safer than theirs.

But rest assured, in the theoretical future in which the strawmen have taken over and insist that all pregnant women MUST drink in moderation, I will definitely stand up for your future wife's right to abstain.

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By vendetta73 on Drinking While Pregnant

@hershmire Light drinking during pregnancy is only an "unnecessary risk" if it's a "risk" in the first place, and I'm not sure you've offered any reason for believing that to be the case. Indeed, you say that the author's reasoning is "all based on anecdotal evidence" while ignoring the three scientific studies she cites in the very next sentence after she mentions those anecdotes. The fact that you "personally consider" something risky is, if anything, even less compelling than anecdotal evidence.

It sounds like you're not sure why having the occasional drink while pregnant would be important enough to risk even the barest whisper of the possibility that it might harm the potential baby. For my part, I'd say it's because medical discourse and social custom have in recent decades erred far too much in the direction of treating the pregnant woman's body as if it were no longer her own but simply there to provide the best possible habitat for the developing fetus. A lot of things can go wrong in a lot of situations. If you didn't want to cause "unnecessary risk" to an innocent, you wouldn't ever drive a car or buy anything made in a country without the strictest environmental standards. So why is it that a particular set of women are asked to devote nine months in the prime of their lives to thinking ONLY about what might harm the baby when we don't demand the same level of risk-assessment of any other set of people at any other time?

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By tales on Drinking While Pregnant

@hershmire How refreshing and novel for a dude to be telling pregnant women what's best for them.

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By melis on Drinking While Pregnant

@hershmire What a bold and selfless hypothetical gesture you'll never have to follow through with!

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By jfruh on The Moon Is Trying To Kill Us All

Balk, have you considered that the moon might just be trying to kill you, with the rest of us being merely collateral damage?

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