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On 'Crash': The Most Loathsome Best Picture Of Them All

@Matt Carlson@facebook Django Unchained, too, since Dr. King Schultz is the real hero/protagonist from a structural POV.

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On What Made "The O.C." Great, Bitch

@ElizabethGrammaticas@twitter Every week I would hope that this would be the episode where Dawson drowns in his creek, which would then be renamed in his memory, allowing the show to continue indefinitely without having to change the name.

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On What Made "The O.C." Great, Bitch

@Meredith Fay Lovelace @phloxx Yes, season 4 is fantastically absurd and satisfying and I love it the most!

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On What Kind Of Girls Do You Like?

Breakfast At Tiffany's is not a terrible film.

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On The Saddest Halloween Story of All

@jfruh I went to school in a homemade snow leopard costume when I was nine, and I can vividly remember my fury when my long-term nemesis said, "What are you, some kind of cat?"

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On Wisdom Teeth

@deepomega This story sounds barbaric, but yeah, when I had my wisdom teeth out I was awake and giggling because, with the local anesthesia and nitrous, it felt like the dentist was gently tickling my gums. And a few hours later I ate a steak.

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On Twenty-Seven

Since turning 27 two months and nine days ago, I have decided that I really do want to marry my boyfriend and buy a little patch of land and have babies, like, for real, and soon-ish, which means that I have to start caring about money instead of doing whatever feels interesting, and so have resolved to write the next bestselling fantasy series, starting...now.

I also went to the doctor and got a blood test for the first time since my mother took me when I was 18, and it turns out I have hypothyroidism, which means next week I get pills that will hopefully make me less fat and lazy and depressed, which would be pretty sweet.

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On Twenty-Seven

@Bittersweet I read this piece thinking, "I'm 27! Wait, am I 27? 2012 - 1985...okay, yes, I turned 27 in June, that's right."

Hmm, what is it they say about habitual cannabis use and memory? I forget...

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On How Do You Like Barack Obama Now? A Conversation

@Sean Lai Yes, that is correct. He claimed that he would not use federal power to interfere with patients and businesses in compliance with state law, and has done the exact opposite. Federal prosecutors are doing absolutely everything possible to crush medical cannabis in California, and are focusing their attention on businesses that are the best examples of what a clean, legitimate, well-regulated industry could look like.

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On How Do You Like Barack Obama Now? A Conversation

I am deeply disappointed about the usual things like drones and banks, but due to my involvement in California's medical cannabis industry, I have come to basically loath Obama.

(Yes, cannabis is a silly, insignificant, low-priority issue, except for when you are actually seeing severely ill people lose access to medicine that makes their lives livable, or lose a business they worked for years to create with the sincere goal of helping people, while all the relevant scientific research is dismissed with a sneer, and not because of horrible evil Republicans but because of pharmaceutical $$$.)

If there were any risk that California could go to Romney, I guess I would grit my teeth and vote for Obama, but as it is I will be very pleased to give my vote to Jill Stein.

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