On How Did Your Mom Screw You Up?

People, read the Patrick Melrose novels by Edward St. Aubyn. And have a happy 4th!

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On Today Only: The Awl Is Auditioning New Commenters!

@Sarcastro Wait - LolCait is a dude?!

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On Philadelphia Rocked By Possible Loss Of Snack Cakes

Few people know that Kandy Kakes were once called Tandy Takes. But for me, the Krimpets were the sine qua non of snacking.

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On Maggie’s Oyster Dressing

This is the most horrifying recipe I've ever read. Well done, KUO!

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On How To Cook A Bolognese Sauce

Okay, I'll give it a try (after turning my mom's picture to the wall...)

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On How To Cook A Bolognese Sauce

Sounds great, but... no basil and oregano??

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On Half Baked: Guacamole by the Ceviche Method

No garlic in guacamole. And if you leave that out, you can minimize the lime juice, which is sort of extraneous.

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On Chicks Dig Tanks

Not the first time that the sight of Austrians and artillery has caused screams.

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On Health Care For Everyone

What a great way to end the week! I don't know which is the best - the family pitcher o' medicine or "I will ring your bell like a taco shell.." which is a phrase that must be used.

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On Georgia Political Spot Breaks New Ground In Duh-Ness

Is this some kind of allegorical praise of police brutality? The tall, pale ox is whacking the crap out of the dark little rat.

Also - this makes Cornyn's "Big John" spot seem sophisticated.

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