On NPR Is a Sad, Sad Place

@contradicto Fair enough on the internal politics of the matter, but I still maintain that this is a symptom of the dangerous normalizing of employer intrusion on their employee's speech, and resultant chilling effect on political activism among career-minded youth. There's a pretty obvious power imbalance in place, especially in a competitive job market. She's an OPERA COMMENTATOR for god's sake. That issue stands regardless of what organization is nominally more at fault.

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On "Reamde" and Why

I loved The Baroque Cycle (ALL of it. Okay, all of most everything he's written) when I was younger, but am scared that I would find all the contrived plotlines and nerd hissy-fits tedious at this point.

How has Stephenson managed to sneak his over-stuffed manuscripts past the editorial axe for so many years? Or do I just not understand how publishing works?

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On Hipster Cop Free to Love in Secrecy

@deepomega He's also from Staten Island.

Or is that just the next undiscovered frontier?! AAHHH a man ahead of his time.

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On NPR Is a Sad, Sad Place

@contradicto Did you both to read the linked (uncharacteristically thorough) HuffPo story? NPR pressured WDAV to fire her, and is currently reviewing her position with "World of Opera" "very seriously". The fact that they are trying to can her under NPR's ethics code is made all the more tenuous by the fact that she is not, as you point out, an NPR employee.

But thanks for proving the exact opposite of the point you were trying to make. I am disturbed by the growing normalcy of employers regulating the speech and actions of their employees unrelated to their job performance. In that climate of (employment) fear, it is impressive to see so many people turning up and being vocal for OWS. I know in my case, a concern for the long-term impacts of baseless arrest and media guilt-by-association have affected my involvement.

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On A Joyful & Malicious History Of 'Schadenfreude'

probably a good opportunity for posting this essay:


Twain on the (monstrosities) of German.

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On You Wouldn't Like Pat Kiernan When He's Angry (Or Would You)

Pat Kiernan retweet of Awl tweet of Awl story about Pat Kiernan's twitter:


and people spend their time on twitter? Glad to see technology has brought us into an ever-expanding cycle of snark, sycophancy, and narcissism!

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On Maybe Teachers Aren't To Blame For Every Terrible Thing

the recent NYT review of this book is also pretty damning. Join the pile on!


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On Vivien Goldman On The Day She Made Flavor Flav Famous

"made [him] famous"? 'It takes a nation of millions to hold us back' came out in '88 - Public Enemy was already big.

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