On A Fan's Notes On "Gilmore Girls"

LOVE the Gilmore Girls. I am currently on a re-watch, up to series three (Jess romance series (am on team Jess BTW because UGH Logan and Dean was like a huge pathetic puppy dog. No get up and go!)).

When I was terribly depressed I watched ten episodes of the Gilmore Girls in one sitting and lost the ability to differentiate between their reality and my reality. It was a strange feeling and ended with me going to a gig with my mother, which was stranger still.

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On Prince Harry, Millennial Royal

What song would he sing during the Chinese State Banquet? My vote = Little China Girl.

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On A Survey Of The Funny, Haunted Dreams People Have About Their Jobs

When I was working as a barista I would spend all night dreaming about making lattes and then wake up and go and make a bunch of lattes at work. Hideous.

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