On How To Not Barf

@GailPink You are not alone - it's so much better to just get it over with than to fight it. Plus, boot & rally!

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On A Survey Of The Funny, Haunted Dreams People Have About Their Jobs

Whenever I am stressed out about work, inevitably I dream about being a waitress again - the restaurant has been rearranged and all the table numbers are different. I can't remember how to use the POS machine. People keep being seated in my section but no one ever leaves. To further illustrate how deeply this is burned in to my subconscious, I once had some surgery done and when I woke up, the nurse asked me, "Do you work in a restaurant?" I said, "I used to. Why?" She said, "Because right before you went under, you opened your eyes and shouted, 'You can't seat 8 people at table 15!"

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