On The Livestream Ended: How I Got Off My Computer And Onto The Street At Occupy Oakland

@DoctorDisaster I wish you would think a little more seriously about your definitions and not mock the idea that "democracy" could mean something other than being tied to an extremely specific historical and sociopolitical set of institutions.

Defining democracy differently from "participating in the currently existing structures created for us to (feel like we) have a voice" doesn't necessarily come from ignorance and is not ridiculous.

For many people, at different historical moments (as well as in different theories of politics) Democracy doesn't only mean participating in electoral politics. Direct democracy actually is a pretty good word for what is described here, and in terms of having a voice in policy, could be reasonably argued to include public demonstrations, since those can be far more direct and clear statements by the people than lobbying a representative or going through some other filter.

democracy, meaning 'rule by the people' could well include all the things you list, if those groups are indeed 'the people.' The methods by which the people might rule are far more varied than you seem to think. I really don't think it's semantic quibbling to say that people speaking out in the streets are acting because electoral politics have failed them, and that that can be a kind of democracy.

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On How Wisconsin Stayed Republican

This is why pursuing electoral politics is a waste of time & money for labor. Mass action, labor action, people power is where it's at.

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