On Literally The Worst Word On The Planet

@klemay In the spirit of pedantry I'd like to point out... that's not actually a pun. :)

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On The Best Of The New York Times' Pug Journalism

Y'all might like this tumbler http://emotipugs.tumblr.com/

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On The Best Of The New York Times' Pug Journalism

@SuperMargie Wow... which pug pissed in your cornflakes? Pugs are awesome! I should know, I've been going to pug parties in Portland Oregon and London, UK for 7.5 years now. They are so friendly and cuddly and lots of them (including my Nigel) are very athletic. Some do sound like Darth Vader, though, it's true. What's more, this is usually a very groovy website where people don't spread negativity and sweeping generalizations in the comments. "Every single one I have met [insert bad thing here]" is pretty poor grounds for across the board loathing. I'll bet I have met more pugs than you (given that I am a pug owner and go to pug parties and you loathe them to no end) and I can tell you the vast majority are happy, healthy, and energetic. So, to sum up, take your pug racism elsewhere!

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