On Harry Potter and the Incredibly Conservative Aristocratic Children's Club

Notice, however, that the 12-year-olds acknowledge their earlier fantasies as just that - infantile fantasies. Sounds to me that they had done quite a bit of maturing by the time you overheard this exchange. In this case, at least, any damage done by the Potter books has been reversed by some combination of parents and school.

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On "Food-Loving New Yorkers Now Take the L Train"

Why hire a ghost? Plagiarism is, as always, free.

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On Woman Refuses To Quit When Things Get Tough

She cares about working Americans, but only unionized working Americans. Non-union working Americans can go take a swan-dive from their nearest Bridge To Nowhere, which she will make sure is built using six-figure-salaried union labor. GO TEAM.

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On Today's Beyond-Mandatory Reading

You know, I like to utter the words \"this one\'s for my homies\" whenever I urinate in public, and I just imagine Tupac & Co. attempting to imbibe the results, and the resulting \"MOTHERFUCKER!\" shouted across the heavens.

I (still) love you, MHKC.

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On After Goldman Sachs, the Value of Greece, Isle by Isle

Whereas, the US economy, well, that's all real.

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On Halloween Costumes: Creepy Obama Masks for Sale at Target

That's not a microphone, it's a pot inhaler.

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On Dear Kathleen Parker: Welcome to New York City!

My mom hates it when I use the word "cunt", but sometimes, you have to disappoint your mother.

Also: Eliot Spitzer? Really? Guess she's gonna be looking to loosen up the prostitution laws. "Loosen up"! Get it? GET IT?!?!?

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On The Carl Paladino Advisory Committee

A corrupt Italian politician? Mr. Balk, your fetish is showing.

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On Someone Watched "Wall Street" So You Don't Have To

From the looks of it, visits to the gym are not high on her list of priorities.

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On Someone Watched "Wall Street" So You Don't Have To

My money is either sitting in the Swiss bank account of some Goldman Sachs banker or wisely invested in the flak jacket of a GI about to get ripped into bite-sized morsels by an IED.

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