On Sochi Olympics Photo—Or Site-Specific Contemporary Art Installation?

This is gonna be the best Olympics yet!!!!!! What a bizarre way to probably have a bigger viewership than ever before--anticipating the terrible.

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On Job Open

Its all hi-falutin around these parts what with the Editor n' Chief and such. Jeezuz. How did this little corner of the Internetting get on with out one of those anyway?

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On How Should An Author Be?

I am giddy with anticipation for the release of your bound words. Also Amazon thinks I should add to my cart a pair of Anne Klein sport loafers. I just might do that. Amazon has never steered me wrong. Ever.

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On You're A Gay Drunk Because You're So Smart

I'm fucking brilliant.

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On Lobstah And Crafts! A Summertime Guide To Portland (The Real One, In Maine)

In the winter of 1997, I left NYC in a shower of crack cocaine, self loathing and the bits and pieces of a career that was mostly found below 14th st. I arrived, shellshocked, in Portland Me. and moved my fancy Manhattan ass into a brick apartment building behind a meat packing plant, run by natives of Laos, at the base of Munjoy Hill. Good loving friends from NYC would send me money to survive and always ask; "Why Portland Maine?". I didnt really know. Its just where I ended up. I had grown up some in New Hampshire and as a young gay kid would come up to the punk rock club that everybody knew about. But other wise--its was a place to go and shake off the crizazzee of the last 10 years of NYC. Anyways...I drank my self to bed everynight and during the day sat with my dog and stared out the window at the drug deals going on in my whitetrash ghetto ass neighbor hood. I live out West now and my life is a inhabited by a completely different person. I've been back to Portand and have had the experiences youve described in this wonderful piece.

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On Vancouver's Supervised Drug Injection Center: How Does It Work?

Thanks for this. Well written and well spoken. Much more evolved considerations of addiction, harm reduction and treatment.

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On The DIY Office Exorcism

fairly labor intensive posting for TheAwl...nice--but dont raise the bar too much. I dont have the attention span normally.

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On I Sold My Soul to the Department of Homeland Security

Could you have at least combed your hair proper like for the picture of your enslavement to the system?

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On New Hampshire, On a Rough Road Riding High

Today I'm a resident of Southern California. But deep down inside I will always be of the Granite State. Growing up back there was wonderful in that small town kinda way. Even today when I go back --there is a chance I might know one of the tollbooth operators at the Hampton tollbooths. The primaries were always a kick in the pants. As kids we were always excited when motorcades and television ready politicians came to town. Our local politicos (selectmen and such) got all polished up and actually felt sorta important also. I worked for a presidential candidate: Fritz Hollings--a funny southern senator who was having a go at the national politcal stage--really he was just hilarious and that was enough for me. I helped park cars at some dairy farm where he was speaking in front of some chatty ladies and a cow or two (his line, not mine--see what I mean?)Thanks Ray LeMoine (a strong french canadian name- I schooled with Lemoines, Gagnes, and Lamontagnes)for this great piece. It brought me back.

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On Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert

I use Wikipedia to learn about bands I've never heard of and then to impress people with my knowledge of obscure bands. And that task is handled quite ably by my Wikipedia.

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