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On Moral Calculus Elucidated

Considering that an e-book is really more of a rental, maybe it's just psychologically harder to imagine paying a two-figure price for one???

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On A Subtlety of 'A Subtlety'

Personally, I am reminded of the ancient Greek interpretation of the sphinx (as seen in Oedipus Rex and elsewhere), where a female sphinx serves as a guardian who challenges passersby with riddles that are difficult to solve. Given the complete ignorance of the slavery metaphor in "A Subtlety" demonstrated by many white visitors, who choose to see Instagrammable fun instead, this seems particularly apt.

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On That Big Study About How the Student Debt Nightmare Is in Your Head? It's Garbage

@Freddie DeBoer Isn't it misleading for people to cite a study claiming that student loan debt levels are not *that* bad, when said study excluded all those not currently making loan payments, a group that in 2013 made up more than half of all student loan holders, either through deferral or delinquency? And wouldn't it follow that those who are deferring or delinquent would be more likely to have larger amounts of debt?

Whatever your quibbles with Choire's critique (besides the sample size jibe), it's more intellectually honest than the Times' subheader "Large Amounts of Student Debt Are Not Common" and its attached chart.

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On Marc Andreessen and the Inevitability of Catastrophic Ideas

If Andreesson believes that since many poor people in the U.S. own appliances and entertainment devices, then they're not *really* poor, it follows under his conception that Communist Czechoslovakia in the 1970s or 1980s--where virtually every household owned a refrigerator/TV/radio while virtually none had a generation before--must have been a veritable paradise. And to think it accomplished this with one of the world's lowest levels of income inequality!

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On The End of Slogans

Even better will be how these bizarre slogans are translated into foreign languages. I recall that in Russia, McDonald's "I'm lovin' it" was translated as Вот что я люблю ("That's what I love") and in Latvia as Man tas patīk ("I like it"). If elsewhere the translation might be similarly trite, I'm sure the Mandarin translation of "Be your way" will take on some wonderfully Taoist connotations in China...

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On The Adventures of Not All Men

@mio273 "Anecdotal evidence indicates Not All Men find particular Awl post useful, amusing."

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On Major Lazer feat. Pharrell Williams, "Aerosol Can"

So, is this Pharrell's rejected RSA Animate lecture???

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On Meet The Awl

Wait, so if this has been a beta test all along, will we commenters be compensated for our services? Perhaps in amounts of Dogecoins inversely proportionate to our commenter number???

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On Mean Dead Guy App Says You Don't Write Well

Personally, I'd like to see an Orwell app, which (if based on "Politics and the English Language") would be supremely intolerant of The Way We Write Now.

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On Wacky Piece Has Wacky Corrections

"Obamacare will be defeated with misattributed quotes!" -Ronald Reagan

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