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On Major Lazer feat. Pharrell Williams, "Aerosol Can"

So, is this Pharrell's rejected RSA Animate lecture???

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On Meet The Awl

Wait, so if this has been a beta test all along, will we commenters be compensated for our services? Perhaps in amounts of Dogecoins inversely proportionate to our commenter number???

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On Mean Dead Guy App Says You Don't Write Well

Personally, I'd like to see an Orwell app, which (if based on "Politics and the English Language") would be supremely intolerant of The Way We Write Now.

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On Wacky Piece Has Wacky Corrections

"Obamacare will be defeated with misattributed quotes!" -Ronald Reagan

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On Bronx Fixed

Well, I think we can only assume that our incoming Latin American radical mayor will pull a Hugo Chavez and ban the bourgeois sport of golf, making this moot.

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On Inside The Chive

Sounds like the white middle class finally got their identity group alternative to becoming juggalos!

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On If Man Hadn't Died He'd Look Older Now

Bah, this is just a half-measure. If Tina Brown ran Gothamist they would have photoshopped him together with Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain!

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On The Sublime Sci-Fi Buildings That Communism Built

When I was in Minsk in winter, the combination of constant snowcover and clouds, the dull clothing of the populace (grayscale or brown), and the brutalist but grand/futuristic architecture like the Polytechnic Institute made me wonder if I had found the society depicted in The Giver.

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On Susan Rice, Condi Rice ... How Can Important People Have the Same Last Names?

For what it's worth, it was an odd/amusing moment when I discovered that prominent civil rights attorney Connie Rice *is* actually the cousin of Condi Rice. Perhaps we should restrict our confusion to people who have the same last name AND whose first names start with the same letter???

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On Apparently No One Gave That Dude from Blackwater the "Postcolonialism Talk"

Look, European colonialism in Africa was such a success that they've just decided to give it another go! At least, I think that's what I read in a Newsweek article by Niall Ferguson recently...

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