On A Guide to the Spooky Scary Secret Monsters of Every State

New Mexico's is La Llorona! We ain't scared of no Spring-Heeled Jack.

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On Consider The Urban Woodsman

@wb The brass coke bullet is pretty cool though.

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On Every Dish That Sucks At Le Bernardin, From 1986 To 2012

And the award for most intolerable fellow patron at a restaurant goes to...that person with the Flickr with the bread.

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On The Google Maps Guessing Game

And there are only four or five different pics available? Am I doing it wrong? If this were working perfectly I'd sit here and play it all day and night.

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On Ask 'Them': Hello, I Voted For George Bush. Twice! Let's Talk!

Did you get this question off a Laffy Taffy?

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On Mouthfeel: "Everybody's Nuts" Fraud Nuts Are Disgusting, Fraudulent

I tried to get my boyfriend to buy a packet of these; by way of demurral he cocked his head, goggled his eyes and gave a lopsided pistachiate leer. I dropped the subject immediately.

That said, Mr Peanut? Not only would I buy his wares, I'd probably make out with him.

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On Mouthfeel: "Everybody's Nuts" Fraud Nuts Are Disgusting, Fraudulent

Ooh, can you put in a good word for a second attempt at Tab Clear? The world wasn't ready in 1992.


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On Fabolous, "I'm Raw"

That's absolutely ludacris.

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On Former Guns N' Roses Guitarist Slash Says Stupid Thing


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On The Semi-Feminism Of "Liz Lemonism"

Ha, I thought "slatternly" and "slovenly" were straight-up synonyms. FML?

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