On Why Does Vinyl Sound The Best? A Chat With A Musician Who Knows

The 44.1k sampling rate of CD's (formalized over 30 years ago!) was thought to be fine for audio because it analyzes sound from 20 cycles (sub bass) to the edge of what the human ear can hear (20K cycles). Any sound above or below this range is not "sampled".

Unfortunately, this standard ignores the overtones of music that bring warmth and presence to sound; i.e. life.
Even though we cannot "hear" these overtones, we do perceive them.
If you listen to an orchestra recorded/sampled at 44.1k, and compare the recording to a sampling rate that has been doubled (96K*), you will definitely hear the difference, as the overtones up to 40k cycles are captured.

A quality vinyl pressing played on a quality turntable through a quality amplifier can reproduce tones up through 100k. All that quality of course costs money, and is out of reach to the average listener, but it is absolutely noticeable even to that average listener.

There have been some attempts to "up" the sampling rate, but unless listeners demand better quality, we will be stuck with this format for years to come.

In the meantime, artists will continue pressing limited editions of their work knowing that their hardcore fans will appreciate the extended audio range that vinyl brings.

*Most professional musicians record at even higher rates to capture all the nuances of a performance. The fact the the final product will ultimately be "dumbed down" to the 44.1k rate is the deal with the devil every music commercial artist must make.

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