On 'Straw Dogs': 40 Years After The Original, It Still Sucks To Be A Man

Spoiler Alert: I'm sorry but this was a horrible horrible movie. In every way. Paper thin characters, the worst type of cliches. The lead guy lets her (same aged) friends call him Mister for half the movie? So stupid.

The messy randomness of the plot. She's raped (both gratuitous and unrealistic) and then wants to go to the football game? The antagonist threatens him outside of the church and soon after he willingly goes along hunting with them? I haven't seen such a stupid movie in years and years. Only saw it cause I was on a date and the other movie was sold out. I'm honestly shocked that anyone has anything good to say about it. That's what drew me to this essay. "Someone is defending this garbage?" I thought to myself.

I also disagree about your praise of Skarsgård. He's a good enough actor but I thought his performance was forced and on the nose. That slick transparent "Bad Guy" from the 80s (think James Spader in, well almost everything pre: sex lives & videotape) was thankfully jettisoned for more believable and nuanced creeps since then.

Lastly, it was written and directed by Rod Lurie. What Michael Bay is to thrillers this man is to dramas. A total hack who has serious issues with women.

Okay, I'm done. I haven't read your other reviews so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. This movie was just so fucking egregiously bad I had to say something to maybe save some peeps the 10 or 12 bucks.

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On Dear FBI Hottie Ali Soufan

My unrequited love is aimed squarely at the fingertips of the fantastic Sarah Miller.

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