On A Conversation with Patricia Lockwood

This woman is brilliant and I love her. So many great lines in this interview--but my favorite is PLUUUUNKETTTT!

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On Vaunted College Newspaper Now More Like Real Newspapers

During my last two years at Columbia (haha, 20 years ago *cringe*) I delivered the Spectator, which paid, implausibly, far more than any other work-study job I could find. Delivery involved pushing a handtruck stacked with newspapers up Amsterdam Ave. from 110th Street to 124th Street and back for a couple hours every afternoon. In my experience, "Speccies" were self-important and condescending assholes who rarely deigned to acknowledge the existence of newspaper deliverypeople. It always amused me that, despite the staffers' all-too-evident suffering and erudition, hardly anyone ever read the damn thing.

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On The Vaccines, "I Wish I Was A Girl"

@Mr. B I see your pedantry and raise it by pointing out that the subjunctive is a mood, not a tense.

Anyway in this case, I think vid > song, they were channeling Lux Interior a little to heavily for my tastes.

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On The Theology Of "Angel" In The City Of Demons

Not to detract from the greatness of your analysis (which was an excellent read), but I mostly watched that show because I enjoyed seeing David Boreanaz with his shirt off.

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On 'The Autobiography Of Henry VIII': Which Ill-Fated Wife Would You Be?

We're supposed to get all weepy because he had his head cleanly removed from his body and then had a bunch of Catholic secondary schools named after him? He burned people alive for selling banned books. Whatever, Thomas More. It's nice you educated your daughters, but you are no friend of Classic Trash.
This made me want to stand up and cheer. FINALLY someone says what I have been thinking about Thomas More!
I would love to read thinly sourced historical fiction about the Roman Empire or feudal-era Japan. Recommendations?

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On Do You Have Tax Questions? We Will Answer Them!

@NafNaf OK, thank you. Assuming the US tax liability is higher, I would need to pay the difference between that and what I have already paid in Japan? Just want to make sure I understand what you are saying.

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On Do You Have Tax Questions? We Will Answer Them!

@NeenerNeener Thank you for your response! Yes, it was a foreign tax credit thingy on an extra form that I downloaded from the IRS website every year. But yes, I am afraid I really should just pony up and see an accountant about it and make sure things are square. (I also have the creeping dreads about all my years of not-paying social security and stuff, but I guess that's a whole other issue.)

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On Do You Have Tax Questions? We Will Answer Them!

I am a US citizen, but I was a resident of Japan until June of last year. I have paid only Japanese taxes for the past 8 years, as I lived there and made no money in the US. I always filed my US tax forms, though, basically just saying how much I made and what I paid in Japan.
I now live in the US, but I am still working for Japanese companies (on my still-valid working visa) and putting the money into my Japanese bank account. I pay my taxes there, too (both local and national). However, every six months I transfer my earnings to my US bank account so that I can eat while I live here. Anyway, my question is, now that I live here, do I have to pay US taxes on my earnings? The Japanese tax authority is quite clear that I have to pay there, even though I do the work here, since the money is coming from a Japanese company. Am I going to be double-taxed? Help, please!

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On 'The Valley Of Horses': Once More Into The Breach

@Czarna_Owca OMIGOD I forgot about Anne McCaffrey! I can haz skiffy trash? What about Piers Anthony? The best/worst!

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On 'The Valley Of Horses': Once More Into The Breach

@thematt Nine--I was a classics major (years before this book happened)! I don't think I would admit to a fellow classics major that I had read it, but I did read it. Maybe twice. It was delicious.

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