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@Subway Suicide@twitter Why did you want to hate them?

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@jfruh the establishment would have to pay sales tax presumably, but businesses pay taxes on net income, ie, revenue less expenses (including salary and other labor costs). So if a restaurant started charging 20% more and passed 100% of the increased sales on to staff, the taxable income would not change.

Tips are taxable as income for servers but every server I know understates their cash income on their taxes. This can make a pretty material difference in effective take-home.

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@PhasmaFelis I wasn't the one who introduced the concept of income vs tipping, though I kind of regret following it up with a post. I always tip at bars and restaurants and pretty much (but not 100% of the time) throw my change or a buck or two into the cup at coffee shops, food carts, delis etc. What's at issue the conception that, as workers at a financial services company, OF COURSE they are extremely wealthy and should feel compelled to tip, and in fact they should tip A LOT, for their freakin' grilled cheese sandwich, when in fact they were probably interns, and if not interns, probably run-of-the-mill employed people. Tangentially related is my annoyance at what I perceive as the author's implication that he performed some great act of class warfare and challenged a mighty financial institution by embarrassing a bunch of vote-counting clerks for not tipping at a food cart.

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@Morbo The author acts like he took on Goldman Sachs. Glass Lewis is a shareholder services firm, meaning its responsibilities are mostly related to paperwork, vote tabulation, and supremely boring corporate governance issues. People act like anyone who works in finance is some sort of high-rolling hedge fund manager, but the average Glass Lewis employee more likely resembles a paralegal. MSCI (a competitor) had average compensation and benefits per employee of a bit under 80k in 2012 (from publically available data). Given that management/executives are dragging that up plus the fact that it includes non-salary benefits, I'll bet with plenty of confidence that the average member of that lunch order takes home <50k and is far from a fat cat banker making six figures should feel compelled to leave massive tips everywhere they go.

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