On Giving An 'F': Rewriting The History Of FSG

@bluecatplate "fair-er"

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On Tina Brown, 1953 - 2013

my boss really wants to hire her, so yay!

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On Taking The Silver Cure

Since no one else is commenting: THIS IS FASCINATING.

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On Younger People Eat Differently

Millennials don't read stories about Millennials that are behind paywalls.

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On Can You Construct A Functional Joke About A 9-Year-Old At The Oscars?

The Dolby Theater is actually closer to Highland than La Brea, so . . .

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On We Must Build An Enormous McWorld In Times Square, A Xanadu Representing A McDonald's From Every Nation

The last McDonald's I ate at, nearly ten years ago, was in Delhi. I had a aloo tiki-style potato burger, and it was delicious.

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On Boody and Le1f, "Soda"

Chris Cunningham directed a Busta Rhymes video in 1996 and we're only finding out about it now!?

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On Boody and Le1f, "Soda"

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On The Truth About Voting Machines: What's Real And What's A Nutty Election Fraud Conspiracy

Thanks for this, Maria. I've always had the itching suspicion that voting-machine-related "electing stealing" stories were the liberal equivalent of voter ID fearmongering on the right; this seems to support that. Glad to have one less thing to worry about!

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On Now Nate Silver Is Just Laughing At You

If America's Boyfriend said Obama was losing, we'd probably all be freaking out and/or sobbing, not saying that he was wrong.

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