On Twenty Women's Names, In Musical Order


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On 27 TV Shows They Killed Too Early, In Order of Heartbreak

"The Riches"

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On The New Decemberists Album: It Contains 100% Less Raping

The first thing I thought of was when I saw this title was,when is "The Rake's Song" gonna be mentioned. It must be on here. The same way certain comedians have to now give up their so called "poetic license" so do our singers. "Send them to Rehab!" come the cries from town folk not interested. Just mind your business. What the fuck are individuals with a thought supposed to sing about anymore. These albums are works of art. Stop being hyper sensitive and using your Columbia Journalism degree to knock something you have zero feeling on aside from being an incensed automaton rebellion.

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On People Will Smoke Anything These Days

Maybe it is your sultry lips that is enticing these vagabonds? The least med evil way would be to collect butts, rip em'open and roll your own. Slackers.

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On The Gawker Commenter Day of Rage

I think the Jezzie's are making cupcakes/pies that say "Team New Design".

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On 20 People to Follow on Twitter: @MrCraigBierko

Bierko is a great, humble guy. In 99' when he was dating Garafalo he would do stand up @ Largo in L.A. She actually helped him. It would be a combined act of him/her, but she was helping him (name recognition). I could not believe it when he was on Bdwy. He deserves a lot.

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On 15 Other Secrets Your Waiter Will Never Tell You

That's not really brie.

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On Ted Haggard Finds Christ Again but For Real This Time

Count how many times you hear "I give great head" when these bozo's speak in tongues.

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On The Best Songs About New York That Don't Have 'New York' In The Title

"Times Square" Marianne Faithful nuff said

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On The Worst Songs Of The Year

Maura, in her Voice piece asks "Is Rock dead?" If this hubris is considered rock, then yeah. Also, rock is schitzo. Because, the rock that I knew of never would allow this song to enter it's nether regions.
I work in restaurant kitchen settings, and I have no idea how people tune in to these popular stations. It's all shite. It sounds like every artist is singing into Framptons wa-wa box. Zero couplets or refrains are quotable or endearing.
When I'm bored of my itunes list,I plug into my Pandora account, to find, possibly to find new bands.
I do not drive (NYC) and when I do get to be in a car it seems everyone I know has satellite radio. Rock is not dead,rock radio is dunzo,and if this fucking song is considered rock,then NPR and selected shorts is fine with me. "The Rise and Fallof Rock Radio" was an eye opening experience written and showcasing stations from my youth. I heard "Daughter" by Pearl Jam recently on my brothers station in rural PA., and I nearly had a boner (Gary). I think major NYC stations have killed rock. KCRW is amazing. There is zero calculations (cept' for Sound Scan) that can moderate and regulate sales of "rock" (believe me, I'm into alt. country/alt)and that sucks. That #1 song is such fucking garbage that the fact that I liked Trains first hit scares me and my taste.

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