On Ask Polly: I Moved To A New City To Be With An Emotional Vampire

@Myrtle Isn't Xanax intended as a temporary solution to situational anxiety? I'd say "daily large doses" is a red flag to me.

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On Ask Polly: My Parents Don't Want Me To Marry This Short Man And I'm Freaking Out!

@Rumpy Fairly or unfairly, a 38 year old dude with a mohawk and motorcyle makes me think I am dealing with a person who may not really be a grownup. Not definitely, just somewhat. And he wouldn't be the first/only 38 year old teenager anyone has ever met.

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

@Ophelia Without dollar signs it's not relevant to my interests.

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

I understand why this horror show was cross posted on Hairpin, but why on the Billfold?

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On How Much More Do Bridesmaid Dresses Cost Today?

The whole concept of bridesmaids needs to go. It feels like making an ordered list of your best friends (and obligatory family members) and then forcing them into Feats of Spending and then making them stand there like merchandise (often merchandise that is out of stock!) while you do Something Important.

Ask me what other wedding traditions I think need to go (side eye to you Bouquet Toss)! I have Opinions.

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On Taco Crawls And Crypt Visits! A Topographical Tour Of Oakland

@iantenna I also think it should be said that Everett & Jones is not that good. It's an institution and stuff but...not great, to me.

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On Taco Crawls And Crypt Visits! A Topographical Tour Of Oakland

@lalaland Oakland is vast and there are lots of options, some more amenable to commuting than others, but heaps of people do it everyday for sure. You may find yourself wanting to pay a bit more premium on rent for a neighborhood that is both commute friendly (ie near BART, though transbay buses are an option too), and less sketchy at night. Once you get here, you can get a better feel for the options, especially once you get the lay of the land between BART or tranbay terminal and your office. There are neighborhoods in the city where the commute to downtown would be just as long as from Oakland.

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On Taco Crawls And Crypt Visits! A Topographical Tour Of Oakland

Yay for Oakland. I'm so glad you included Mountain View Cemetery, which is a lovely lovely spot. You might have included a bit on the Grand Lake area too (Lake Merritt has its charms, Grand Lake movie theater is a lovely oldie with a political marquee, great restaurants down the strip), but there's only so much room.

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On The Blown Covers Of Mother's Day

The slideshow animation runs too fast. I can't look at the cover and read the captions in time.

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On Survey Says! The Complete Online Dating Advice Guide For Women

So the guy who was mad that she tweeted that he was late - maybe he should have been on time to his date? That seems like a legitimate tweet. It's whatevs.

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