On Death to Negronis

Hey great article, thought I'd contribute my personal sweet vermouth picks. Got a chance to try these over the past year (did a year on a sailboat around the Med); some of these are seriously blowing my mind:

1. Ile Tenerife Rouge
2. Ampersand Blank Vin
3. Dave P's 'Groni Fixin's
4. La Descente de Croix (best for fro-gros)
5. Rachael Ray's 1:1:1 Everyday Simplicity

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On How to Make a Good Salad Without Dumb Leaves

@Shannon Alexander Griffin@facebook

I agree about leafs. I think the original title for this post was "7 Side Dishes Somebody Might Make"

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On The Great CitiBike Midtown Hollowing Out

For the time being I've come to accept that there will be no bikes by my house in the morning and none by my office in the evening, so it hasn't been helpful in that respect. Still, I've avoided probably 10 taxis in the past month, offsetting the cost of eCigs™ and Cronuts™ tremendously.

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On Saving Summer's Trashiest Cocktail: Make Way For The $21 Long Island Ice Tea

One gains a real appreciation of the LIIT when it's compared not with cocktails, but with standard mixed drinks like Gin and Tonic, Whiskey and Coke, etc. I've always felt the LIIT is the most balanced of the bunch, the least sickly-sweet/tart.

And if you think about it, a Dark and Stormy would be a straight-up trash drink if it weren't served in one of those copper mugs.

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On Don't Give The MTA That Metrocard Dollar!

This is my Metrocard, which I've had since 1983. You know what makes me anxious? Having no visual representation of the numbers of my PIN or ZIP code I've entered. I... I have good days and bad days.

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On Happy Deceit Day

I have plenty of time to order from Amazon and Amazon has everything so I'm basically done because Amazon?!

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On Please, Please Do Litigate "Voter Fraud" Investigations in Your Paper

False balance abounded in journalism at the apex of the birther movement as well; this Glenn Greenwald piece from 2007 effectively trashes the Public Editor's argument:


It seems that the bigger point here, both then and now, is that election coverage is betrayed by its traditional, journalistic information gathering, since so much of that information is untrustworthy.

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On Return To Cat Town

straight Klinkenborg yo

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On Why Aren't You On Facebook, Psycho?

I would delete my account but how would I be able to see how fat everybody's face got since the 10-year?

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On NASA Dorks Win Dork World Series

SEE you're into accuracy too! But seriously, the 10 year old part of me is getting pretty impatient with our progress re: outer space. How much longer am I going to have to wait to read some article about unrest on an off-world mining colony? Or listen to a debate about the civil rights of whatever gross but totally similar creature we discover in some gas field? SEEMS LIKE FOREVER.

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