On The Killer Crush: The Horror Of Teen Girls, From Columbiners To Beliebers

This was very good; shedding light on the psychology of the crusher, even brushing up against the actual, physical crusher's crushing, is impressive. Even the "'feels,'" which I'd never heard of, got me to thinking about mass media and the desires it can and does create, which will never be sated, or is expected to. I always wandered about those Beatles fans in clips from 50 years ago, that mass joy-hysteria, what that was all about and you provided not just a glimpse into that, but a tour of the whole house.

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On When Exactly Did It Get Cool To Be A Geek?

obviously i don't know first hand what had come before, but it seemed to me that when i was in high school in the mid 1990s here in the usa that the post-grunge era spawned a little bit more cleaned up, but admittedly self-conscious nerdy or geeky thrift store look (think the band Weezer) which time happened to coincide with the rising popularity of the nascent internet. Around this time, computer use and technology began to come into peoples' minds with as much frequency as popular music. My thesis is that popular culture unwittingly adopted geeks and nerds but this always happens sooner or later to all fringe groups.

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