On The Cost of a World Trade Center Image

How is the Port Authority supposed to fund the patronage mill for Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo without extracting licensing fees from retailers? Just imagine if these guys had to have their cronies paid through taxpayer funded jobs with their states rather than an independent agency like the Port Authority.

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On Who Looks Out For The Bodega Rides?

I've been cataloguing Coin-op rides in New York City since 2012. Each one has a unique look. I wanted to write short fictional narratives for each ride. There are more than 50 varieties that I have found in the wilds. Some of them can be viewed here: http://coinopnyc.tumblr.com/

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On An Oral History Of Gawker, By Reddit

What about that period in Gawker's history between August 2003 and August 2004? What was happening then?

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On Are These The Worst Sites On The Internet?

@Choire Sicha@facebook Yeah, but Upworthy is just pulling content I've already seen. Viral Nova might be stupid, but at least its stupid content I haven't seen yet.

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On Are These The Worst Sites On The Internet?

Nothing like a "Pot calling the kettle black" article to start the morning.

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On I Was Paid $12.50 An Hour To Write This Story

@Smiler29 @Smiler29 Media companies have done a poor job of monetizing their content. Few outlets have changed the way advertisers purchase ads. Its a complex system that technology should have streamlined for both efficiency and higher values. There are still ad agencies today that don't take online ads seriously. The best components of online ads are only more recently becoming common place. Plus, people are still willing to overpay for print and broadcast or cable television ads. Even though every single ad displayed online can be linked to a specific set of eyeballs with specific demographic information, that view is still less valuable than a printed ad in a newspaper buried in the back of section B.

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On The Unverified

Is now a good time to stand up and admit I hate twitter almost as much as I hate buzzfeed?

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On We Must Build An Enormous McWorld In Times Square, A Xanadu Representing A McDonald's From Every Nation

Cool story, bro.

So I guess you are really into Gothamist comments.

You know, since I said this here.

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On The Rent Is Too Damn Hilarious

Yes, well now that half of Manhattan has been downzoned to the shortest little buildings possible, as well as a good portion of Brooklyn, there simply isn't enough housing. If buildings can't go up, rents will.

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On The Two Things You're Supposed to Read Today on Internet Culture

If content sites are earning money through subscription fees, then eliminating comments might not make much of a difference.

But assuming that a revenue model for a content site is selling ad impressions, eliminating comments means eliminating page impressions and hence ad impressions. A site that doesn't care about page impressions better have invented a new business model outside the traditional revenue from ads system or concede a portion of revenue to sites outside their own where discussions continue.

Sites where user generated comments are a burden are probably over thinking their entire system. Instead, let the internet community police messages boards, introduce better filtering options, and apply game theory to an automated comment moderation system that requires little more than computer processing power rather than a live human being.

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