On The Highly Suspicious Tale Of Morrissey's Autobiography

When you say it's going to happen "in 72 hours" well, when exactly do you mean? See, I've already waited too long. And now my hope is gone.

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On Why Will Leitch Burned All His Baseball Cards: A Q&A

@keisertroll It's from 1992. The Cardinals' centennial logo (1892-1992) on the scoreboard is the giveaway. Yes, I'm aware there's a Rockies logo on the outfield wall and they didn't start play until 1993, however the logos for both Colorado and Florida were released in the summer of 1991 and were up on Busch's outfield wall during the 92 season.

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On Phone Penisy

Nonsense! The only thing my cell phone has in common with my penis is the fact that I like to whip it out and play with it on the bus.

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On Phone Penisy

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On 'Time' Magazine Now 23 Cents an Issue

A year of Esquire can be had for a mere 73 cents an issue. It gets no better than that in my small, sad world.

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