On 'IT': Seriously, Guys, Get Out Of Maine Before You Die Terribly

I remembered the flying leeches (and still refuse to cook with the large-size pasta shells), but I'd forgotten about THE PUPPY UNITL NOW, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS.

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On Ten Other Things I've Wondered About Teen Movies

@GailPink I always worried first that Cameron's father BEAT HIM TO DEATH that very night, hence the painting remains unmolested.

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On 'The Thorn Birds': When Young, Sexy, Straight Priests Roamed The Earth

I was forbidden by my mother to watch the miniseries, and so I snagged the book from the resort gift shop on a vacation when I was about 11. Devoured the whole thing, learned both the word "flaccid" and what a condom *was,* from this book. We were heathens, though, so much of the Priest Mystique was utterly lost on me!

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