On The End Of Comments

I don't leave comments. I leave zingers

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On Jogging Burns More Calories Than Sex But Who Cares, It's Jogging

"...at least when young, healthy people do it." Shudder to think what the experimental group looked like.

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On What Makes A Fatberg

Tyrion Lannister would be proud

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On When Are You Most Unproductive? (Or, Alternately, Least Productive?)

Really couldn't just publish this at the same time as the report claims, eh?

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On Republican Senator Now Supports Gay Marriage

Senator Portman was also quoted as saying, "Ugh, what is this thing inside of me? What do you non-reptilians call it, empathy? Ugh, get it out!"

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On Old People Snatching Up The Few Things They Don't Already Have

Why can't I print the email from my computer? It works at home when I go to there. Meeehhhh. Silicon Valley. Meehhh. No, I use the internet explorer. My boy is a computer genius, he can do this for us.

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On Movie Takes Liberties With Science

Does this movie take liberties with science?

Well, maybe that scene when they crack open the alien space helmet after a cursory examination scan, then pump an electric current into the head until it explodes... yeah, that might be some scientific liberty.

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On Movie, You, Old



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On Nature Did It First!

If you can promise me that is the actual noise and not the result of a lousy recording microphone, I will give you every penny I have to safeguard and promote this animal.

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On Your Brain Makes You Lazy


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