On 'The Thorn Birds': When Young, Sexy, Straight Priests Roamed The Earth

I read the book and then watched the mini-series when it came out. The thing I remember from the book was that Meggie (I believe) had the beautiful hand-embroidered nightgown for her wedding night and barely got to wear it. I think of that whenever I see wedding night lingerie. It is a really good book and it's funny to me that my mom gave it to me to read when I was so young.

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On 10 Things I Believed When I Was A Little Kid In Order Of How Embarrassing They Still Are When I Remember Them Today

Oh, Alex...I also thought "Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah" was about Dinah Shore. But, more importantly, I thought the line from "The Piano Man" that goes "making love to his tonic and gin" was really "making love to his tiny cat, Jim". That is one of the most disturbing memories from my childhood.

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