On Do You and Björk Like the Same Things?

Which ones? Lemme guess. Alim Qasimov's "Azerbaijan: The Art of the Mugham?" has to be in there...

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On Adam Gopnik And The Bourgeois Guillotine

FACT: Gopnik's mother's mother married Gopnik's father's father. Or possibly vice versa.

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On Justine Bateman's Kickstarter

Tina Yothers
is such a bothers....

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On 'Washington Post' to Shutter Nine Local Bureaus

Soon the Washington Post will just be, literally, a post. Sticking out of the ground. In Washington. Maybe.

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On Rental Brokers Are Useless

There might be one exception here: the vanishing breed of brokers who have exclusive listings. I had a good experience with one of those about 16 months ago. He negotiated his fee down and got me a nice place in the E. Village for below-market rent. He had me look at three good apartments and there wasn't that pressure to sign immediately because he knew exactly what the level of demand was and he didn't abuse that knowledge. Or so it seemed. I'm still in that place. Before that I used one of those big, awful brokers that are attached to 95% of listings and that was ok, but it was near the bottom of the market, a time at which a chimp with a Blackberry could have landed me a place with a free month. The only reason I used the broker on that occasion was to save time, which it did. Anyway, good article.

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On Six Authors Who Were Copywriters First

Don't forget Elmore Leonard. Frederick Exley was in PR, which I guess doesn't count.

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On Eat, Pray, Tube: Adrift on the Delaware River

@ericdeamer And then there's snow tubing as well!!

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On Eat, Pray, Tube: Adrift on the Delaware River

@checkonetwo Multiple cars? That's too fancy for me!

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