On Welcome To Berlin, Now Go Home

if you went through this article and replaced "berlin" with "new orleans", it would still be 95% accurate.

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On How To Face The Flood

@deepomega people love to panic, to fret. especially if this is a somewhat new experience. i'm getting panicky, and that's just due to to the fact that i live in new orleans, lived through the terror and horrible fallout from katrina, have evacuated from other hurricanes, and am just ingesting this doom and gloom media all over the web and tv today. ptsd! so much fun!

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On Who's Going to Die of Hurricanes This Weekend? Maybe You!

new orleans here! hahahahahahaha! sorry, y'all.

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On 'Treme': A Shouting Match

as a new orleanian, i'm actually really curious what people from outside of the city view the show as, since i think that a lot of what is going on in the show is so immediately identifiable to locals that sometimes i wonder if the quality of the storytelling is falling by the wayside because they are having to peddle to this divergent aspect of hyper vigilant locals and then a national audience that aren't as uncomfortably familiar with the setting. that being said, let me tell you this, oh non new orleanians who are still watching treme: shit is about to hit the fan up in that show. to put it politely, they have borrowed liberally from certain locally infamous people, and the character arcs will be turning more grim in the very near future. so to natasha's claim that they are polishing up the city too well right now, i will also say that for the time period they are working with- crime and murder was very, very, very insanely low in the city. but it comes back. and the darker side of new orleans will raise it's ornery fucked up head and spew vomit and ugly all up on this tv show. a friend of mine commented that the show is most likely going to follow a new comer's relationship with the city- it all goes real well for awhile, and you are so in love with the strangeness and the music and the people and the history and the way everything breathes. but then you get mugged, and someone you know is murdered, and your car gets rear ended by someone without car insurance, and you suddenly realize that there are no jobs and the kids tap dancing in the quarter at 2pm on a tuesday should probably be in school, and things start to feel not so nice.

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On Hello, All That!

I wouldn't trade New Orleans for a thousand New Yorks. Unfortunately, my lovely city's going to go under, and I don't know where to go from here.

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On Adventures in Facebook Privacy: Marine Claims He Humiliated Afghani Prisoner

But he is a public figure- he is publicly representing the United States in a foreign country. His behavior, whether it be good or bad, reflects on us all and influences relations between soldiers and Afghanis on the ground. When Afghans see him, they don't really see an individual so much as they see the intentions of the United States. And I'm gonna go ahead and say that this isn't just a homophobic action, but probably also a racist one as well. Men in my family are in the military. Some of them behave like this, but a lot of them don't. But when one of them does say or do something that is fucked up, and especially if they do so while wearing the uniform of the United States, fuck 'em.

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On The "Looting" in Haiti

let me just say that there really wasn't "a way out" of new orleans if you were in certain neighborhoods. my current neighborhood, for instance, had 8 feet of water in it. if i had been there, i would've had to swim many, many blocks to get to dry land. also the one bridge that was really accessible to people living downtown was blocked by gun wielding deputies from jefferson parish, who shot people. so. no on that statement. just look up a map of how it was flooded and imagine yourself smack in the middle without a boat, and think about how you would've figured out how to leave.

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On The 50 States, In Order

I feel your pain. I lived in Farragut when I was a child. It scarred me for life, and I am not joking about that. Wretched place.

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On The 50 States, In Order

for some weird reason I can't reply to kneetoe. So let me say, as a former resident of East Tennesse, I would rather swim in the streets of New Orleans than have dry feet in Knoxville.

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On The 50 States, In Order

Oh, HELL no. (Hell, of course, is pronounced as if it has a "y".) What does TN have that LA doesn't? Dolly Parton's boobs? Mountains? Moonshine? We've got Mardi Gras, brass bands, drinking on the street, alligators, swamps, LSU football (seriously, I don't give a fuck about that, but I guess a lot of people do), and the Saints.

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