On The Man Who Makes Money Publishing Your Nude Pics

@candybeans: I was totally agreeing with you up until you mentioned "is the lesson we're to learn, 'never drink publicly'? Thats too brash of a suggestion. I am aware of several avid drinkers, including myself, who, even under the influence of perhaps an "excessive" amount of alcohol, see no reason to put themselves in such sexually compromising (or perhaps just sexually revealing) situations. Simply put, no matter how drunk my friends or I have gotten (and believe me, I've drank QUITE ALOT on many occasions), we've never felt the need to act like horny teenagers and get explicit pictures snapped of ourselves. Personally, If nothing else, when I am drinking alcohol, I make sure to never drink so much that I become unaware of what is happening in relation to myself. Was I on the right track with where you were going? Yes, no? Well, anyhow, I digress... to the tenth degree haha

Posted on February 7, 2012 at 1:32 am 0