On Ask Polly: I Can't Get Over This Crush

I really like this advice column. I like that it takes on longish questions and gives longish answers. Smart, funny, not too judgemental nor too enabling. Yay!

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On Long Live The Working-Class Hunk

Love this. Love Renner, Han Solo, all of em.
One thing to note:
Some of Wall Street codery types ARE working class heroes gone awry. May this ties in Rachel@twitter's point. Cosmopolis was all about the dude's alienation from his working class roots (or something-- who honestly knows what that was about). Another example is Bud Fox from the original Wall Street. Actually, a lot of IRL programmers are more "working joe" than "master of the universe." In the early days, many learned how to do it in the military. Programming, after all is, *is* a kind of labor. It's building things. But that's a topic for another PhD dissertation... All I'm saying is, BRING ON CYBERPUNK RENNER!

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On Is Madonna Eating Our Young? A Post-Halftime Discussion

Sorry, but I have to object to the Jennifer Hudson reference. That woman is the only person I ever want to hear sing the Star Spangled Banner. She has more talent than *anyone* who was up on that halftime stage and certainly deserves to be protected from body‐ and, um, murder‐snark. And on the latter bit, wtf is wrong with you? Seriously. Disgusting.

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