On 20 Albums That Are Celebrating Their 20th Anniversary In 2010, Thus Making Me Feel Old

Hey, you can shuck your obligations and try and be different from your peers but one of these days...

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On Read Charles Portis, Damn It

I've been trying to remember for three weeks who the author I read about (in the Read Hard anthology) was. Thanks!

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On Very Recent History: Charles Pierce

What about Sigourney Weaver?

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On Inconsistent Pleadings: Liberals, Don't Flip Out Over 'McDonald v. Chicago'

Agreed. Allowing the Ruby Ridge crowd to carry automatic, high-caliber weapons into bars and the like might actually kill a few people. Restricting the ability to bring any goddamn weapon wherever you want, whenever you want isn't actually anti-American or undemocratic, despite what the NRA says.

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On Inconsistent Pleadings: Liberals, Don't Flip Out Over 'McDonald v. Chicago'

But, honestly, do you really think that guns, gays and abortions are the only things that separate the left and right? I've seen the left move further right, and the right move further right, but I've never actually seen the right chill the fuck out on anything. So, I don't think suddenly appeasing their ridiculous religious demands will automagically make them start comprising on anything else.

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On Inconsistent Pleadings: Liberals, Don't Flip Out Over 'McDonald v. Chicago'


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On Shane MacGowan And Pals' Charity Single

That one's damn awesome, but I've got to go with this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxCM9dellRs

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On Real America: The Gunmen Among Us

I guess I should have been clearer; I don't see any serious legislation going on preventing the purchase, possession or carrying of most weapons at the national level - I see a lot of traction the other direction in individual states though. Yes, you have HR6257, which is a reauthorization - not a new initiative. Also, gun advocates haven't exactly made a persuasive case for the private ownership of assault rifles.

The point I was trying to get at, which I probably didn't do a good job of, is that the "liberals" you mention at least three times in your piece have mostly accepted that private gun ownership is something that the American people want, is a "right" (which is a different argument altogether), and isn't worth fighting about, which is why I'm unclear about who exactly these "liberals" are.

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On Real America: The Gunmen Among Us

Here's a nitpick; you mention, repeatedly, "liberals" who are trying to reduce or contain weapon possession or purchases in varying ways and degrees. Except, where is that actually happening now? I can't think of any measures before the Senate or the House, and haven't read of any measures in individual states recently, that actually deal with weapons at all.

It's an otherwise interesting piece, but I can't think of anyone really seriously lobbying for stricter gun control now, in 2010, regardless my personal feelings about gun control.

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On Your Tattoo And You

I have many tattoos which might have been ill-advised, but that I don't really regret.

However, a friend of mine collects bad tattoos. For example, the "cock below the knee", and the ridiculous (and kind of gross) Aloha monkey.

But his absolute best is a portrait of Tatu from the Love Boat that takes up his entire thigh.

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