On Six Months, One Week, and Four Days With Zelda

I enjoyed reading this very much. Makes me nostalgic for my own time with newborns. You won't regret making the time to keep a simple journal, even if it is just logging time spent or what music you listened to while feeding her.

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On Testicle Double Entendre Just Insouciant Enough To Avoid Designation Of Vulgarity

Finally, a chance to use "that's a spicy meatball" as comment.

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On Remember Carlos D.? Well He's 40 Now. Death Stands Waiting With Its Icy Fingers Beckoning You To Follow It Home.

Wonder how old the cuckolded guy who got herpes is.

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On The Vintage Age

I was in high school in their hey day and I checked every one out from the library. Read maybe a third.

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On A Great Rock n' Roll Novel: Dana Spiotta's "Stone Arabia"

I thought Stone Arabia was great as well and would also second Arthur Phillips' The Song Is You.

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On Fall: Feel It!

Damb, I wish I had Balk for weather at 6 and 11 instead of Bob Ryan.

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On The Moon Has Been Hiding Water From Us For Who Knows How Long

I've always kind of liked the moon

So we're Slate-ing The Awl now?

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On The First Time a Young Man Feels Old

28? Now I feel even older.

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On Unconfirmed Remarks About Dick Cheney Have Ring Of Truth

Anyone else remember the John Kerry ate my pizza story?

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