On The Vintage Age

I was in high school in their hey day and I checked every one out from the library. Read maybe a third.

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On A Great Rock n' Roll Novel: Dana Spiotta's "Stone Arabia"

I thought Stone Arabia was great as well and would also second Arthur Phillips' The Song Is You.

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On Fall: Feel It!

Damb, I wish I had Balk for weather at 6 and 11 instead of Bob Ryan.

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On The Moon Has Been Hiding Water From Us For Who Knows How Long

I've always kind of liked the moon

So we're Slate-ing The Awl now?

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On The First Time a Young Man Feels Old

28? Now I feel even older.

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On Unconfirmed Remarks About Dick Cheney Have Ring Of Truth

Anyone else remember the John Kerry ate my pizza story?

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On The Purpose of Women in Washington D.C.

re: the second base joke. That's onanism for a couple of those dudes.

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On 41 Movie Remakes That Would Destroy What Remains Of My Youth, In Order Of Heartbreak

Just to be clear, we're all cool with Fletch Still Lives with Joel McHale as Fletch and a Chevy cameo?

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On Science: Exercise Is Bad

Oh, Gutty. Our answer to the McDonald's kid.

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